Copyright Protection

Kinodaran is the first Armenia video hosting, with a purpose to provide entertainment to its users. Kinodaran does not allow copyright infringement activities on their website. We respect the copyright content, and we don't want to see copyright content on our website. The users found involved in such activities, their accounts will be suspended from the feature to upload more videos.
The Protection/Flagging System.
To Protect the Copyright Videos we have put a Flagging System under all the videos where you can report the video. Our moderators will check and clear the report within 24 hours.
1. Responsive/Intensive.
To stop Abuse and Copyright Violation we have introduced an Intensive/Responsive video inactive System. Which means if the user is New and have a very low repute or  don't have good Upload history. then the video will be immediately inactive upon receiving the first copyright flag. And will not be available to its users unless it is reviewed by admin.( who will look into all matters and decided if it actually come under copyright protection or not).
2. Review System
To avoid Spam/Abuse flags, there is another system which we call "Review System", which is there to protect Old users or the users who have a very good uploading History. in this method on receiving a copyright flag, video will not be immediately removed from the website, but will go to admin review First. and our Review dept will decide in 24 hours (Business) whether to take off the video or not.
How to Report.
To report a video on Kinodaran, you can simply login to our system by going to page, if you do not have an account, you can register for free.
Once you are logged in, browse to the video page, beneath video player you will see an option to report a video, click on it and a form will be displayed to choose reporting category. Choose Copyright Infringement or any other accordingly and click Report. On Successful report, a message will be displayed to confirm that your report has been submitted.
Many videos are being uploaded on Kinodaran daily, we will try our best to respond and take action as soon as possible. Make sure, email used for your Kinodaran account is valid, we may need to contact you for further information.